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Clinical Trials
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SLS offers cost effective GLP & Non-GLP data, confirming with the international standards, to meet the regulatory requirements. Studies performed are:
Oral / Dermal / Subcutaneous / Intramuscular / Intraperitoneal/ Intravenous routes in different species
Guinea Pig Sensitization Test
Dermal Irritation in Rabbits
Mucous Membrane Irritation in Rabbits
SubAcute / Sub Chronic
Repeated Dose (14/28/30/90 days) Oral / Dermal / Subcutaneous / Intramuscular/ Intraperitoneal / Intravenous routes multiple doses in different species
In vivo Chromosomal Aberration Test - Bone Marrow
In vivo Micronucleus Test - Mouse
Pyrogen tests in rabbits and guinea pigs
Abnormal toxicity test in mice
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