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Sugen Life Sciences (SLS) has developed the infrastructure and expertise to perform all aspects of preclinical and clinical testing. Our staff are knowledgeable, experienced and responsive to the Indian, US and EU regulatory requirements. We offer in vitro assays and in vivo animal models to determine the safety and efficacy of drugs. To support the in vivo studies, SLS has built a vivarium (animal facility), approved by Committee for Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA), which is under the care of a veterinary physician. We perform in vivo studies using Laboratories animals such as rat, mice, rabbit and guinea pigs.

Overview of services offered:

a. Contract research and training services: Preclinical biology and toxicology

b. Disease models: Diabetes, Kidney Fibrosis, Arthritis, Lung Fibrosis

c. Education and Training: Drug Discovery and Laboratories Animal Sciences

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